Dale and Barbara Martin moved down from Minnesota in 1984 to get away from the freezing cold and snow. What better opposite place to move besides sunny, hot Arizona?   From snow drifts and freezing rain to shoes that stick to the asphalt in the summer.  Besides all that, they decided to start up an Air Conditioning and Heating company.  Over the years their sons Jon and Dan joined in the family business full time to continue this adventure for years to come.

     We pride ourselves in doing the job correctly with great customer service and honesty.  For years the company relied on referrals to get all of our jobs.    Now with the internet of things becoming an ever present platform we can try and give a glimpse into who we are and what we do as a company.

     Cool Days A/C Inc. always provides Free Estimates, we service all brands of heating and air conditioning equipment along with Mini split air conditioning systems, we install ducting, repair a lot of ducting issues and provide all the necessary maintenance to keep your system running for the future.  Cool Days A/C employees strive to keep customers happy, maintain a great working relationship with all individuals who help us run a great business and to set a high standard of quality installs.

     Look for more from us in the future, until then we hope to do business with you soon!


The Cool Days A/C Inc Team

Jon, Dan, Patti, Dale And Barbara